Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Violates FEC Law By Solicating Foreign Government Officials to Fund His Campaign

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One of the main reasons people are following Donald Trump is that he claims to be self-funding and no one can unduly influence him.

Bull pucky!

Not only is he planning on the Republican National Committee to fund his campaign, he's going overseas for donations! That's right.

In direct violation of federal law, the Donald is asking for money from foreign nationals - including foreign politicians - in at least Iceland, Scotland, Australia, and Britain. 

Breaking News...

Trump fundraising emails overseas prompt complaints here and abroad

A complaint has been filed by a group called Democracy 21 with the Federal Election Commission, highlighting the violation and demanding the agency send a clear message that foreign money is not allowed in U.S. elections.

The group's deputy executive director, Paul S. Ryan, said in a recent press conference that, "It's a no-brainer that violates the law to send fundraising emails to members of a foreign government on their foreign government accounts, yet that's exactly what Trump has done repeatedly." 

I can't see Trump's supporters being thrilled with this development. How do you make America Great Again by bringing foreign influence into our elections!

Once again, Trump has proven to be a liar and hypocrite. He says what people want to hear at the moment. Make no mistake, Trump doesn't care how he long as he wins. It's all about winning for his personal glory.

Hopefully, some of his supporters will stop drinking the orange kool aid and wake up before it's too late.

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