Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump Gives Deposition on Lawsuit Today: New Lawsuit Accuses Him Of Rape

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Donald Trump found out that he has to go to court AGAIN today.

Despite seeking exceptions because he...

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"...may have a busy schedule as a result of seeking public office" according to his lawyers, the judge ordered him to appear for a deposition on the case.

Trump filed a lawsuit against celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian who refused to open up a restaurant in The Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Zakarian and another celebrity chef, Jose Andres, withdrew from separate deals, claiming that Trump's disparaging comments about Mexicans would hurt their own reputations and business brands.

Now, despite strenous objections from Trump, he's going to have to personally get involved (his lawyers were trying to get his son and daughter to testify instead, but they failed).

Another headline today says someone filed a rape lawsuit against the Donald!

How Trump can turn the presidency into a 'litagation circus'

This latest action comes on the heels of accusations of fraud with his Trump University scam. He's already been secretly deposed twice now. His lawyers are fighting to keep the transcripts/videos from becoming public knowledge.

Trump has been sued, and sued others, numerous times in the past. If, by some horrible turn of events he somehow gets elected, we'll have to call him "Litagator-In-Chief!"

Fun fact: How many other party nominees for the presidency in America's political history have been sued for fraud, before Trump?

Answer: None.

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