Monday, June 13, 2016

Has The Line Been Crossed Yet?

Good Day World!

Fifty people were massacred in minutes by one man. 

A new low for mass shootings in America. Double that of the last "worst" mass murder in American history.

The murderer was a homophobic idiot who couldn't let other people live their lives in peace. The gunman - I'm not even going to use the bastard's name and give him any fame here - was a radicalized Muslim who was born in New York.

People will say ISIS told him to do it because he called 911 before the attack to state his loyalty to that group of thugs (who by the way routinely murder homosexuals). 

I think the gunman thought it would give his attack some legtimacy in the world of terrorists, instead of the real reason - he hated gays with a passion. That, according to his own family.

The idiot bought an AR-15 legally. He knew that rifle was good for one thing only...killing a lot of people in a short time.
The NRA knows that too, but argues that Americans should have access to any weapon they so choose.

To the gutless bastards in Congress: it's time to defy the NRA, and the weapon and ammunition industries who want us to keep killing ourselves in increasing numbers.

Let's start with something significant. NO MORE semi-automatic AR-15 style weapons will be sold to civilians. Next, Grandfather clause those that have already been sold. e Has Bloody ree
We have to start somewhere, or we'll continue to see more mass shootings - each eclipsing the last - and done with semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 style.

Has the line been crossed yet?

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