Monday, April 25, 2016

Where Does Yelling Get You?

Good Day World!

Having a loud mouth is not a virtue unless you're an auctioneer or a carnival barker.

President Obama recently called out the Black Lives Matter movement saying that activists should be willing to sit down and discuss their agenda with leaders in power rather than "yelling at them."

Not a bad idea.

You can't just keep on yelling at them and you can't refuse to meet because that might compromise the purity of your position," Obama said. 
"The value of social movements and activism is to get you at the table, get you in the room and then start trying to figure out how is this problem going to be solved. 
You then have a responsibility to prepare an agenda that is achievable —that can institutionalize the changes you seek and to engage the other side."

Congress would do well to listen to this advise. Members yell at one another all the time. Politicians in both houses are so polarized that have alienated the American people.

People are ready to vote for anyone who has no ties to Congress. It could be Mickey Mouse or Donald Trump. Doesn't matter.

The bottom line is yelling doesn't get you anywhere. It doesn't validate Black Lives Matter or Congress. Both are suckling on the teat of ideology instead of reality.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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