Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Great News for Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians! Sort of...

Good Day World!

Have I got great news for America's Conservatives/Republians and Libertarians!

(Vit Jedlicka, self-declared president of Liberland, fourth from left, poses with flag and supporters of the Liberland idea Serbia, on May 1, 2015.AP)

You all better sit down for this one. How'd you like to live in a place where there are no mandatory taxes? I'm about to help you realize your dream!

Welcome to Liberland: The Tax-Free Start-Up State Between Croatia and Serbia.

The founders of Liberland aim to create a state where "the economy and the government are separated" and people can live without government interference, Liberland's self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlicka told NBC News recently.

The idea is to introduce voluntary taxes and crowdfunding for government projects — all under the motto "To Live and Let Live."

Sounds great eh? One little problem...

While this free-market enclave may seem like a libertarian utopia to some, neither Jedlicka nor the 400,000 people who have registered for citizenship on the country's official Facebook page can actually travel to their own turf.

Bottom line.

I guess that die-hard Copnservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians will just have to put up with things as they currently are here in America, or at least until Liberland becames a reality.

No worry. We've managed thus far. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

1 comment:

Glenn Franco Simmons said...

When they make Mars a tax-free zone, I'm on my way to being a Martian. Sort of.

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