Friday, April 22, 2016

America is in trouble when Sheriffs side with radicals who misinterupt the Constitution

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One of the most serious domestic threats in America (according to FBI reports) comes from fringe groups like the Sovereign Citizens.

Particularly troubling is the alignment of a group of renegade Sheriffs who call themselves the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.  

The group is headed up by a former Arizonia Sheriff, Richard Mack, who encourages law enforcement officers to defy laws that the group decides are illegal.

Mack has referred to the federal government as "the greatest threat we face today," and describes his association — which states on its website it is supported by the John Birch Society and Gun Owners of America, as well as annual dues payments of $50 — as "the army to set our nation free."  

How scary is that?

Mack claims the dues-paying support of several hundred of the nation's more than 3,000 sheriffs and the sympathies of hundreds more, but it's hard to assess how many endorse his denunciation of the federal government as the corrupt and illegitimate enforcer of laws that trample on states' rights.

Mack and his cronies believe that Federal agents cannot come into their county to enforce laws. Legal scholars have flat have out denied that Sheriffs have that kind of power under the Constitution. 

Nowadays, sovereign citizens number in the hundreds of thousands, and U.S. law enforcement agencies consider them the top terrorist threat in the country, according to a July 2014 survey by a University of Maryland-led terrorism study consortium.

The irony of officers of the law defying the law, seems to escape these radicals who keep trying to achieve a high ground through their misinterpation of the Constitution.

I'll go with the legal scholars when it comes to interrupting our Constitution. It's a better bet that going along with radicals who believe that our government is the biggest threat today against Americans.

I beg to disagree with their twisted philosophy. 

Groups like the so-called Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and those involved with the Sovereign Citizens movement are the biggest threat to peace in America today.

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