Thursday, April 21, 2016

'Cry Me a River' - Trump's Sob Story

Good Day World!

Time for a pacifer.

Why would anyone vote for a racist demagogue that cries every time things don't go his way?

Donald Trump's current sob story has to do with the GOP's delegate system. He doesn't like the way it's set up and claims it's "rigged" and "corrupt.

If Trump had bothered to do his homework before soiling his diaper, or hire someone to do it for him, he would have understood the whole system and wouldn't be blubbering about it now.

It's no mystery. Trump however, doesn't like rules that he didn't make up himself. So to change the narrative, and keep it dumbed down for his core followers, he's crying foul.

Why not? He's the only man I've ever seen in the public eye that can lie without blinking an eye! Then he doubles down on the lie. By the time the lie is exposed, he moves on taking his loyal Trumpetts with him down the Yellow Brick Road.

It's amusing watching a billionaire who is use to getting his own way all the time, creating chaos within the Republican party and then telling the leadership he's going to unite them.

His experience as a reality star, via the Apprentice, has earned him TV fans who are following their hero wherever he goes.

The emperor has no clothes, but the faithful don't care.

The author of the book "Primary Politics" Elaine Camarck, explains how the modern nominating process works. When asked about Trump's accusations she didn't mince any words;

"Trump's out of his f***ing mind. Every single presidential candidate except for him knows what this system is. It’s not corrupt. It’s the system by which the parties pick their nominee. Parties are protected under the First Amendment’s freedom of assembly. No American is forced to participate."

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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