Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Underestimate elderly people at your own risk

Photo -Elderly woman fights off attacker by grabbing his balls and squeezing them!

Good Day World!

In some circles my age, 65, is considered elderly. I’m actually pretty spry for a an old guy.

Which leads me to today’s topic – don’t underestimate old people, they can surprise you.

How, you ask? (I’m glad you did)

* When a teen armed with two large knives threatened his young chess students, 75-year-old Army veteran James Vernon sprang into action. He kicked the guy’s ass!

* Ruth Lampe isn't letting her age slow her down. The 102-year-old volunteer got her high school diploma recently… after cooking a meal for a senior center.

* 93-year-old Louise Edlen had been waving to passing students for years. See how she teaches kids compassion.

* Unstoppable 100-year-old works 6 days a week. This woman is amazing!

* Would be robber fended off by 95-year-old WW II veteran who used his cane.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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