Thursday, October 22, 2015

GOP vs Trump: ‘Are You Ready to Rumble?’

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In the past, Republicans have trusted a Hollywood entertainer/actor, Ronald Reagan, enough to make him president. To many Republicans he’s still considered the very personification of conservatism.

But these days the Republican establishment is turning it’s back on another Hollywood entertainer/reality show host, Donald Trump. Apparently they don’t think he has the right stuff to sit in the Oval Office.

Plus, they’re getting tired of being made clowns of by Trump. It’s been like a Turkey Shoot as The Donald verbally tears apart his competition. Jeb Bush has been like a deer caught in the headlights every time he tries to exchange words with Trump.

Enter former South Carolina Republican Party chair Katon Dawson (a former member of The Whites Only Club). Just call him the Trump Killer. He’s out to ruin the reality star before next year’s election.

Dawson is busy forming a Super PAC devoted to attacking Trump’s credibility and ability to lead the country. He’s got his hand out for donations from establishment Republicans who are getting increasingly uneasy about Trump’s popularity.

Dawson is getting help from another source that fears Trump.

The head of the Club for Growth, a conservative anti-tax group, told the Washington Examiner this week it is also trying to raise millions to fund some kind of broader effort to defeat the real estate mogul. The group already spent $1 million in ads this summer arguing that he is not a true conservative.

Does anyone think Trump would take all of this sitting down?

Trump Campaign Reportedly Threatened To Sue Washington Post Over Super PAC Story

As Michael Buffer so often says, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

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