Sunday, October 25, 2015

Republicans pledge to impeach Clinton if she’s elected

Good Day World!

You want to know how crazy conservatives are getting nowadays?

Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks promised to try and depose Clinton on "day one" of her hypothetical presidency.

So, do they know she’s going to win despite what opposition they’re fielding against her? That sounds pretty pessimistic. And, slightly crazed with fear.

It’s hard to blame them however. Right now it looks like Donald Trump may be their candidate. Now that is pathetic. Even the die-hard extremists realize a real estate mogul and reality star is far from qualified to be the next President of the United States.

The GOP is in complete disarray. Hard-liners have run Boehner out and Paul Ryan is looking to take his place. But he has a big problem; a minority group of loony tune Republicans – with unusual clout – want him to shut the government down until they get their demands.

Who let the nuts out anyway? How can the Republican party move forward when part of their ranks are riding around in a clown car urging chaos to get their way?

Trey Gowdy and his doodies tried to hurt Clinton’s chances of being elected by conducting a witch hunt – also called the Benghazi hearing – but that attempt backfired.

Now the world knows it was a partisan effort to discredit Clinton.

But that won’t stop the crazies. The only thing that will stop them is if they’re not re-elected. Perhaps after the damage they’ve done to the GOP it’ll be payback time at the polls and the clowns will be sent packing!

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