Monday, October 26, 2015

Blind Faith: Rhetoric and outright lies trump facts

Good Day World!

If a conservative pundit says the sky is falling…his followers will look up and wait patiently for it to come down.

They don’t need proof, or facts, to follow the brand.

I recently got into a discussion with some Tea Baggers on Twitter about a doctored photo that purported to show Ambassador Stephens tortured body.

The person who posted it shall remain anonymous here (I don’t want to attack any individual). We’re talking about blind faith here.

The response, when I alerted her to the fact it wasn’t actually Ambassador Stephens, was swift and venomous. She personally attacked me; calling me stupid because I didn’t know the ambassador was raped! (Funny on how she seemed fixated on the rape part – titillating to her perhaps?)

Then the floodgates opened and it was a field day for extremists on Twitter. They piled on with nasty tweets, but NOT ONE would give any proof of their ridiculous claims.

I countered by posted facts: 

Fact Check: Is a story about Ambassador Stevens' death in Benghazi really written by a cousin who knows what happened?

UPDATED: Chris Stevens Torture Photo – Not Chris Stevens

It wasn’t long before the conservative drones drifted away to heckle someone else.

Facts to conservatives are like sunlight to vampires. Or, Kryptonite to Superman, when you have blind faith.

Facts are not what drives people with blind faith – it’s hatred toward an individual, or institution. Let me repeat that – it’s unreasoning hatred that drives people to believe in lies.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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