Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As a Front-Runner, Carson’s Dubious Dealings Are Going to Be Examined

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 He speaks so softly you have to lean towards him to hear what he’s saying. He’s like a black Mr. Rogers with a calm and cool exterior that invites you to sit down and listen to him.

He also has such extreme ideas that he’s become a Tea Party darling. 

Ben Carson has for the past few months been taking baby steps toward a 2016 presidential bid. In the most recent national polls he’s passed Donald Trump for first place. 

He may soon start running in the opposite direction, however, if unfortunate disclosures about him continue to come to light.


The retired neurosurgeon faces allegations of plagiarism and his publisher plan to reissue his memoir America the Beautiful without the lifted passages.

Interesting to note because a large part of his backers are evangelical Christians who grew up reading this book.


The National Review is reporting that Carson shilled medical supplement products for the Texas-based company Mannatech, Inc., which was sued by the state’s attorney general for false advertising.

Carson appeared in a video promoting its glyconutrient products last year and also spoke at the company’s conferences in 2011 and 2013.

Carson also appeared in a PBS special in which he extolled glyconutrients, which has aired as recently as Jan. 4.

National Review article: Ben Carson’s Troubling Connection

I really don’t need to go any further with this (not even about the time he stabbed a fellow student with a knife) to predict voters are going to be shocked when his personal history leaks out drop by drop.

As a front runner among the GOP candidates he can expect whatever honeymoon time he’s had to come to a screeching halt when his whole story comes out. And it will.

Not many people will want to support a liar, plagiarist, and shill for a disreputable medical supplement company who wants to end Medicare. 

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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