Monday, December 29, 2014

Six 2014 Research Stories That’ll Leave You Shaking Your Head in Wonder

New Year 2014 Photos

Good Day World!

Here’s my contributions to the madness that was the Year 2014:

1) Study: Marijuana use has increased in Colorado – I’d like to nominate this article for the “Most Obvious Result” as Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational sales of the drug. Duh.

2) Proved at last: Men really are idiots – The most insulting thing about this so-called research paper is someone actually paid grant monies to those idiots who call themselves researchers!

3) Top IBM Research Stories of 2014 - A Guinness World Record. A new kind of plastic. Oh, and a chip modeled after the human brain!

4) University of Wisconsin to reprise controversial monkey studies - This study really sickened me. The researchers intentionally deprived newborn monkeys of their mothers, a practice designed to impact a primate’s psychological well-being.

5) Controversial Study Photographed 29 Courses in Total - The purpose of the study, according to preliminary findings, came from the fact that undergraduate attendance had not been “comprehensively or rigorously or measured.” Really? How earth-shattering!

6) Why Men Love Lingerie: Rat Study Offers Hints A new study has concluded male rats are turned on by female rats with tiny jackets on. The researchers gleefully declared those jackets work just like lingerie which (as we all know) makes human males horny. Sigh…

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