Friday, December 5, 2014

‘Say it ain’t so Bill’– Fan laments comedian’s plunge from popularity

Good Day World!

My world has been turned upside down in the last month.

One of my all-time favorite comedians – Bill Cosby – has become a bigger villain than Darth Vader. Adolf Hitler. Putin. His career and legacy suddenly called into question. His character assaulted.

Last month numerous women, including journalist Joan Tarshis, model Janice Dickinson, actress Louisa Moritz, actor Lou Ferrigno's wife Carla Ferrigno, Florida nurse Therese Serignese, Playboy playmates Victoria Valentino and Sarita Butterfield, actress Michelle Hurd, and eleven other women alleged that Cosby drugged, sexually assaulted and/or raped them between 1965 and 2004.

This can’t be the same man who made the comedy albums that I loved In the 60’s, that left me breathless with laughter with such gems as:

The accusers can’t be talking about the Bill Cosby who starred with Robert Culp in the I Spy espionage adventure series. He was cool. A good guy.

How could this same man be a rapist? How could the creator of Fat Albert and the Gang have drugged women and taken advantage of them? How could Cliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show do such nasty things?

Cosby Strikes Back: Claims in Court Docs That Accuser Extorted Him

It’s like watching Rome burn. A great artist has been exposed as a cad. A man who takes advantage of women sexually.

No colleges want him on their board anymore. His shows are being cancelled. Proposed series projects have been dropped like hot potatoes.

Despite all of these terrible accusations, I’m not going to take any of those laughs he gave me back. I can’t forget how many times I laughed watching him perform stand-up, or in sitcoms.

In my memories he’ll remain a great comedian and performer. No one can take that away. My disappointment with his actions is deep. I wish all those women were lying, but I doubt it. My hero has feet of clay.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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