Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My wife would kill me if she knew I told this story!

Good Day World!

I’m feeling mischievous today.

In a funny way.

Here’s a funny story that my wife would kill me for telling you:

Once, years ago when we lived in Humboldt County, we were traveling to Redding via Highway 299. The rainy weather had caused several slides on the torturous twisting road and work crews were stopping traffic because one of the two lanes was buried beneath part of the mountain.

All traffic was funneled into one lane, which meant a line of cars built up as traffic slowly (I mean real slowly) went by until the signal people switched their signs and allowed the built-up traffic on the other side to go.

Small rocks were still slipping onto the roadway. It took about 20 minutes before we could go. Minutes later we hit another line of cars waiting to go. It was at this point that my dear wife became frantic because she couldn’t wait any longer to pee.

The only alternative was to go outside. It was dark. She didn’t want to go in the back of the truck because the people parked behind us would have had a good view.

With mountain on one side, and a ravine on the other, that left her with no choice but to pee in the front of our pick-up truck. She got out quickly (trying to be stealthy but it was hard when the cab light came on and I started laughing helplessly!)

In a final act of desperation, she went to the front of the truck, dropped her drawers and squatted down. At that point the Devil grabbed me…

and I turned the truck’s headlights on!

Her wail of despair carried through the ravines beyond and down the road for miles. The startled couple in front of us looked back in surprise.

Needless to say, that moment of insanity didn’t go unpunished.

But that’s another story.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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