Sunday, November 23, 2014

FBI arrests 2 would-be bombers while anxious protestors & agititators wait for decision

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Some people live for chaos.

Motivated by stirring up trouble and taking advantage of legitimate protests, these dregs of society revel in violence. They give others a bad name by mingling among them, like time bombs ready to go off.

By now the country – and the rest of the world – know about a little city called Ferguson, in Missouri. A white cop shot a black teenager dead, setting off a firestorm that looks like a holocaust in waiting for a grand jury decision.

It’s common knowledge that there’s going to be riots if the grand jury doesn’t indict the cop. It’s also understood – among the waiting protestors and devious trouble-makers – that regardless of the decision there’s still going to be nationwide protests.

A “Justice for Mike Brown Map” identifies dozens of buildings, which could become targets for demonstrators, both those planning peaceful protests and those authorities fear could become violent. Downtown Clayton ranks high because it’s home to St. Louis County’s justice system.

Two troublemakers – members of the New Black Panther Party – have been arrested and charged with federal firearms offenses, according to a law enforcement official’s report to Reuters.

The men planned on setting off pipe bombs during the protests in Ferguson that they knew would follow the grand jury’s decision – regardless of the outcome.

Against this backdrop of heightened tensions, an FBI sting operation exposed Brandon Orlando Baldwin, and Olajuwon Davis’s, plan to set off the pipe bombs. The same pair was named in a newly unsealed federal indictment returned on Nov. 19, for purchasing two pistols from a firearms dealer under false pretenses.

They are more than just agitators. They are would-be murderers. They represent an extremism that has filtered into legitimate protests in this country today. There’s plenty of plain troublemakers – bored individuals who have nothing better to do than to stage endless protests.

At least they’re not would-be murderers like Baldwin and Davis who give a black eye to anyone protesting anything. Unfortunately, the few get a lot of attention. The nation is holding it’s breath.

Fact. Americans are polarized in politics and race relations. It’s a sad comment on our 21st century society. We’ve turned the clock back on these two issues, and are paying the price now.

There will be no winners after a decision is made. The only thing we know for sure is that chaos will reign for an undetermined amount of time.


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