Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hide $25 million from the IRS and try to get away with it – Beanie Baby inventor did!

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 People ask me why I don’t believe in our justice system.

It’s cases like this that bolster my contention that the rich are held to a different standard when it comes to getting caught committing crimes, and paying for them afterwards.

Point in case: The billionaire creator of Beanie Babies on Tuesday avoided prison and was sentenced to two years probation and community service for failing to pay taxes on $25 million in income he'd hidden in an offshore account. He faced up to 5 years in prison, but didn’t get sentenced to a day behind bars!
From MBC 5 News:

"It is imperative that when an individual brazenly breaks the law and lies repeatedly, year over year on their income tax returns, and evades the payment of millions of dollars of taxable income, that that person be held accountable," said Zach Fardon, the new U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. "And that's true if you're rich or you're poor. No one is above the law, and everyone, including the wealthy, has to pay their dues."

I guess Zack Fardon is a newcomer to the system if he really believes no one is above the law. Look at what happened in the case he tried.

Forget “Justice for all – it’s “money makes things right” when your caught breaking the law in America.

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