Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It’s the day before Christmas & throughout Lakerdom there’s little hope for a Christmas Day miracle!


 Good Day World!

The seriously depleted Laker squad this season is a collection of castoffs and young players with good attitudes and limited skills.

There will be no Kobe Bryant to give them at least one superstar on the court Christmas Day when they play against the powerhouse Miami Heat.

For fans such as myself, these are the down days of a once proud Laker dynasty. I cringe when they play anyone now. Teams that used to mean automatic wins are now clobbering the mismatched group of Lakers who are trying to get by without a point guard.

If Farmer comes back from his hamstring injury on Christmas Day I don’t expect much100_1278 from him. The only upside will be he’s a point guard. I couldn’t believe what happened when Coach Di’ Antonio reached down into the D-League and brought in a point guard for the last game against Golden State.

The guy, I refuse to use his name (Kendall Marshal), lasted for several plays. He managed to get a foul called on him, and then was ejected from the game in mere minutes! This is the kind of season it’s been for the hapless Lakers.

Pau Gasol played despite a lingering upper respiratory infection played against the Suns last night and scored a season low 10 points before retiring. Who knows if he’s going to be up to playing again on Christmas Day? The Suns ran them off the court 117 to 90.

So, that leaves us with guys like Jodie Meeks playing starting point guard. His backups, Henry and Young, are not point guards either. Jordan Hill, who has been playing well of late, will really have a challenge on his hands guarding Miami Heat Center, Chris Bosch.

But you know what? I’m going to have my Laker/Santa Claus hat on with my Laker robe this Christmas Day hoping for a miracle for my team…the Los Angeles Lakers! What else can a true fan do?

MERRY CHRISTMAS – I’ll see you on December 27th.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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