Sunday, December 8, 2013

China’s Pollution Problem Should Be a Warning To The World

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In what should be a wake-up call for every country in the world, China’s increasing pollution is poisoning big city dwellers and hindering transportation.

Cities like Shanghai look like a science-fiction disaster movie in a not so distant future. It’s citizens look like ghosts slipping through the gray haze. Cars navigate through the 24-hour curtain of crud, like mindless beats in search of daylight.

Recently hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled in China's commercial hub of Shanghai as record levels of air pollution shrouded the city in smog, prompting authorities to issue the highest level of health warning.

The Shanghai government issued its severest health warning as the city's pollution index ranged between 23 times and 31 times the levels recommended by international health officials. It’s residents live in fear that the masks they have to wear outside are not protecting them.

Then there’s the political side to China’s pollution problem: air quality in cities is of increasing concern to its stability-obsessed leaders, who are anxious to douse potential unrest as more affluent citizens turn against a growth-at-all-costs economic model that has polluted much of the country's air, water and soil.

I wonder if the rest of the world is taking note of China’s extreme pollution problems? If it isn’t, then it better quickly. Every day the pollution gets worse.

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