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As It Stands blog: Are ‘Dabs’ & Pot Concentrates the New Crack?

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 On April 7, 2013 I wrote a column - Faster is not always better: THC 'dabs' can be dangerous Apparently it’s resonated with some people and continues to pop up in the 10 Most Viewed stories for The Times-Standard on a daily basis.

As of this writing it’s #7. Check back tomorrow and it may be #2. For the last 90 days, this column has crept back into circulation as one website after another continues to pick it up. No wonder. Concentrated marijuana is becoming more well known every day. What started in California and expanded to Oregon, has now swept across the county. You’ll be hearing more in the moths and years ahead about these “dabs” or concentrates – for better or worse.

The day after my column came out, April 8, 2013, “Drugs Forum,” an online drug information website had this reader feedback:

“Hey guys,
Last night I took one of the biggest dabs of my life. I purchased a gram of Green
Crack wax concentrates from my favorite dispensary and loaded up a full dab, yes a full! Normally a half dab gets me good but I felt like going all out. I looked at the mini oil rig peice and felt a nervousness and anxiety hit me, if that means anything. I took the whole dab on one hit and it went down fast. Lungs were full of concentrate wax. Exhaled and it didn't feel right. Well first of all, its was almost impossible to breathe normally cuz of the size of hit and thickness of wax. I felt like something hit me in the brain super hard and I was dizzy. The difficulty to breathe might have made me have an anxiety attack but it took me 10 minutes to return to normal calm mind. Do you think anxiety caused this pale/ sweating response? It was really unpleasant. Or could it have been a super large hit? Not used to milking a bong with wax! Any response helps. thanks!”

The Atlantic Wire came out with a good piece on “Dabs” a month later – The Amateur's Guide to Dabs – on May 15th, 2013. It’s got more information than I was able to squeeze into my short column.

More recently this website – Treatment Line offers treatment alternatives for addicted for Dabbers. It also provides a lot of good information and is worth checking out. Read Potent Marijuana Concentrate (BHO) Is Anything But Harmless

Finally AlterNet came out with this article on July 1, 2012: It asks, Is 'Dabbing' the Crack of Pot? Good question. Is it? What are your thoughts on the subject? (Note: if you’d like to email me any comments please send them to )and I will keep them confidential.

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