Monday, April 29, 2013

The word from the looney bin is Boston Marathon bombing happened because of marijuana!

          Good Day World!

Nuts don’t have off days…

  There’s no time for reality breaks. They’re on a ideological mission and are pissed off! Their ire dwarfs any mission to Mars, supposedly the angry red planet. 

It looks like the rightwing nut community’s latest tinfoil hat warning that Weed was responsible for the bombings at the Boston Marathon is gaining legs.

Oh yes! The younger brother was allegedly a pot dealer, and that’s why he drove around in fancy cars, not because he was being funded by extremist Muslims…so the theory goes. But wait! It goes beyond that into the Twilight Zone.

I know. Pretty crazy shit. I can’t help wondering what’s the matter with these people? Why do they hate marijuana so much? Theories abound.

Here’s a couple of links on the topic:  

Accuracy In Media Blames Marijuana for Boston Attack

Cliff Kincaid blames marijuana for Boston Marathon bombing201303_katz.jpg

And today’s Hyprocrite Link is:

Medical Marijuana-Hating Assemblyman Caught With Marijuana Gets Charges Dismissed! Say hi to NY State Assemblyman Steve Katz!

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