Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Maddness: a dancing baby and flying cars!

There’s a lot of versions of gangnam stylevideos, but this has to be the cutest!


Good Day World!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve got a couple of inspiring videos to share today, starting with the baby on the left.

  This little tyke got me powered up and laughing at the same time. The second item, flying cars, is a real 21st Century-like thing to report on.

  I’ve got a lot of doubts about how many will be made and where they can fly safely, but only time will tell. Still, the video is worth listening to because it’s inspiring in a different way. A person’s dream come true is always a positive story.  

“Even if you’re over Psy and wish this craze would go the way of the Macarena, you’ll have a hard time not smiling at (or dancing along with) this adorable baby.

Uploaded on Jan. 18, “7 m.o baby dancing to gangnam style” already has more than one million views, and it’s not hard to figure out why. For a little tyke, this babe’s got some moves. Every so often you hear about someone who could dance before they could walk, and it wouldn’t be surprising if that were the case here. This baby's not just rockin’ out, he's doing it to the beat, with the whole routine down pat. The pure joy and delight on this kid’s face is priceless and the moves are… awesome. Admit it, if Psy brought this baby onstage, you’d totally go to his concert.

One commenter summed it up: “That awkward moment, when a 7 month old baby can dance better than you :(“    (source)-


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Keep an eye out for these babies in skies near you!

Your looking at the Skycar 200 (right) the culmination of one man’s lifetime dream.

Dr. Paul Moller has finally gotten all the financing – he’s been trying for years - he needs and told NBC News that his first one will roll off the assembly- line in one year.

The Skycar has been classified as a “Light Sports Aviation” vehicle. I can’t wait until these Jetson-like cars are on the market. Just think of all the problems their going to encounter with small aircraft, etc.? What fun!

It’s time for me to walk on down the road… 

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