Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rapper tweets 'YOLO' just before dying in car accident

Twitter profile picture of Ervin McKinness (left) (via Twitter)

Is "YOLO" now being used exclusively on Twitter when people are doing something incredibly dangerous?

The acronym, which means "You Only Live Once," is unfortunately proving true for some of the people who use it. The latest YOLO fatality is rapper Ervin McKinness, who performed under the names Inkyy and Jew'elz.

His last tweet? "Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F**kIt YOLO." Not long after he tweeted it, the rapper, along with three other passengers and the driver, were dead, after their car sped through a red light and crashed into a wall in Ontario, Calif. Police say both drinking and excessive speed were involved in the accident, but no bystanders or people in other cars were injured. [Source]

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