Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Under ‘They’ll Never Forget It’ stories: Pooping Camper Attacked by a Bear!

 This guy leaves the outhouse door open to “enjoy the view” and has it ruined by a bruin!

A 65-year-old Canadian man had a trip to the outhouse that he’ll never forget. Gord Shurvell of Winnipeg says he was doing his business when a black bear barged in and attacked him, leaving him with scratches and a head puncture wound, before his friend shot the animal. Shurvell recounted his tale of survival  to CBC News on Wednesday.

For the record: I couldn’t find a photo of a black bear breaking into an outhouse, but was able to come close with a brown bear. Points right?


Steve Lewis said...

I've just gotta chime in on this story, Dave, since I too had a run-in with a fearsome critter while on the shitter.

My fearsome critter was a skunk, not a bear. I was doing my business with the outhouse door open and saw this skunk coming up the trail that went by the outhouse. Well, I panicked and started to pull up my pants and run for it but got only a few steps before my legs got tangled up and I fell. Someone should have had a world's funniest video camera showing me crawling as fast as I could away from the skunk who did slow down when he or she saw my antics. Slowed downed but didn't stop..I did get away and no spray. The skunk probably went home to tell the wife and kids about the crazy man..

ImBlogCrazy said...

OMG! Too funny Stephen!

That video would have gone viral on the web easy!