Monday, May 21, 2012

‘Outlive the End’ by purchasing your own ‘Apocalypse Pak’

Image of Apocalypse Pak and included gear (©

Sold under the tagline "Outlive the end," this "Apocalypse PAK" presents everything you might need to survive fire, brimstone, zombies, bears, and more. With all of its ingredients available at major retailers (except the prescription drugs), the Apocalypse PAK includes a 36-liter Gregory backpack, climbing rope, and a Mountain Hardware sleeping bag. And that's just the normal camping stuff. There's also a semi-automatic pistol, a shotgun, and a massive machete, not to mention plenty of ammo and a portable medicine cabinet of antibiotic Cipro, painkiller hydrocodone, and anti-malarial Malarone. (source)

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