Monday, January 9, 2012

Documentary airs tonight: What ever happened to the billions of dollars sent to Iraq?

It’s hard to believe, but billions of dollars just disappeared…

This is probably one of the greatest financial mysteries of all times. What happened to the tens of billions of dollars the New York Fed sent to Iraq during the war?

CNBC Transcript:

“Our own Eamon Javers is here. He's been following the money trail. He found something quite unusual that happened on the Baghdad-side of the transaction.

Sue, this is an interesting mystery. The money really started here in New Jersey at the New York Fed's compound off of route 17. They shipped it to Andrews Air Force Base. Palettes of cash, billions of dollars loaded onto C-17s and flown to Baghdad.

What we discovered in doing this documentary is all of those flights over the years were net by the same guy on every receiving end of those flights. billions of dollars in cash. And it was his job to handle the cash in Baghdad. His name is Bazel. We had a chance to sit down and talk to him in Dubai. This man is the last known American official to see the cash. He was responsible for transporting the money to the central bank in Baghdad. He agreed to be interviewed if we used only his first name, which is Bazel.

Were you able to resist the temptation to just throw a little off the back of the truck and take some for yourself? Absolutely. There's no temptation there. Why not? I think of myself as in honor of what I do. That is absolutely wrong. So did you take any of the money ever? Never. Never. He claims every shipment under his watch was delivered safely. and he didn't steal the money. But he says he knows what happened to it.

Sue, I don't want to give away the ending there by telling you what did happen to it. That's a cliff hanger. Yeah. The documentary airs tonight at 9:00 eastern time tonight. Everybody will be watching it I know including some who want to get the answer to why is a garbage truck key -- this was the weirdest detail. -- to one part of this story. What he told me is they were getting hit so many times with these convoys, suicide bombers, machine guns going off in Baghdad, he decided at one point he was going to rent a garbage truck -- we have a picture right there. Put $1 billion in the back of that truck, roll it down route Irish, which is the most dangerous road in the world at the time, with a billion dollars in the back and take it to the bank. Because it was so fortified or they wouldn't view it as a target? It's a trash truck. They didn't hit it. They thought it was trash.”

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