Monday, September 26, 2011

Reflections: I can’t believe there’s a chance the Dodgers will get kicked out of the league!

I’ve been a Dodger fan all of my life. I have many good memories associated with them and to hear that they could be kicked out of Major League Baseball is unthinkable! The world has been upside down lately – my Lakers didn’t win it all last year – and Peyton Manning may never take a snap from center again. 

Now MLB is willing to boot the Los Angeles Dodgers from its ranks if the league cannot come to terms with the team's embattled owner Frank McCourt in bankruptcy court, The Wall Street Journal reported today.

Attorneys for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said the league would consider revoking the Dodgers' membership before it would allow the team to sell off its future broadcast rights without league approval in a deal that would allow McCourt to settle his personal financial woes, including his pending divorce settlement. MLB blames McCourt for the team's current situation, saying he took on too much debt while siphoning money from the team to finance his lavish lifestyle.

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