Friday, February 11, 2011

With Valentine’s Day coming up you may want to check into these Aphrodisiacs from around the globe

Durian: Why It's Provocative                Beware: the smell will gag you!

Famous for its odiferous smell, durian is nonetheless popular throughout Asian cultures because of its creamy texture and flavor. "Though the smell is putrid and you would think it's a turn-off," explains Rosofsky, it's often thought that eating the fruit promotes estrogen and increases fertility. Adventurous? You can find these at most Chinese grocers.

 FROM DELISH:Oysters. Truffles. Chocolate. Whipped cream. Sounds like a night of passion! While those foods might set the mood, do they actually make your heart go a flutter? We talked to Dr. Meryl Rosofsky, noted aphrodisiac expert and leader of the of the popular culinary aphrodisiac walking tour at New York City's Institute of Culinary Education, to find out which foods increase attraction, fertility, and — let's just say — promote blood flow to all the right places”

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