Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congressman’s erratic behavior causes staff members to resign

Image: Rep. David Wu dressed in a Tiger outfit

Oregon Congressman David Wu has showed erratic behavior before, but his constituents keep re-electing him (seven times now). After last year’s re-election Wu’s staff members have been “moving on” to ,shall we say, saner pastures!  

I don’t see the big deal about wearing a Tiger costume and sending the photo to staff, but taking non-prescription pain-killers is a problem. He’s sought mental health help, but doesn’t believe he needs to check into an in-house program. He told ABC News that he’s “in a good place now” despite his staff defections.


Seven of his staff members have left since he won re-election in November: his chief of staff, spokeswoman, three field representatives in Oregon, and two others in Washington, D.C. In addition, he lost his campaign pollster and campaign fundraiser. His campaign treasurer resigned last week, and Wu named himself treasurer.”


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