Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Be the first on your block to collect all 13 CAMP patches!

Imagine having these babies sewn on your “Bomber” jacket?

camp85 camp86camp87 camp88 camp93 camp98

camp1994 camp1990

camp1995 camp1996 camp2008

camp1997 camp99 COLLECT ALL 13 CAMP PATCHES

 Wouldn’t you like to own this colorful display of artwork depicting how your tax dollars are being wasted to pursue “A War on Marijuana?”

Just check with the DEA and see if they have any extras. My guess, there was a huge overrun on them and they’ll be willing to make a deal with you.

Be the first on your block to show off your cool collection of Americana Circa 2010

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Anonymous said...


Where did you find these? I love them.

ImBlogCrazy said...

I believe it was from the Emerald Triangle Blog (listed under my Interesting Blogs on left)

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