Monday, December 13, 2010

15 Cute Animals That Will Cause You Horrible Harm

 You’re really going to be surprised when you see the #1 cute animal that could harm you. I would never have guessed. Some of the other cute culprits surprised me too.

# 15. The Rat

Not everyone's particular cup of tea, but many people keep rats as pets, and they're remarkably hygienic. They're smart, fuzzy, and willing companions. Plus cheap and easy to look after. So why do rats rate enough to enter our list at number 15? Well, like how George W Bush got into Yale, the rat's a legacy. Humble Rattus rattus, and its unfortunate cargo of fleas, was the bearer of the bubonic plague. That's right, back in the 1300s, these wee bastards were the cause of a disease so deadly it killed an estimated 2/3 of Europe's population. That's a hell of a history for these cute little fuzzballs, and one that we haven't yet forgiven them for. GO HERE TO SEE THE REST

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