Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Political Party – Tea Baggers on Steroids?

Take note of this new party – ‘A Third Position’  

A3P Activists Join Tax Protests Across the Nation

If you ask me, their party message, “The message of liberty, sovereignty, identity”  conceals a darker side to these people’s goals.

They have been courting tea party members who think their “on the right track” to saving America…from everything. They think Arizona’s new immigration law is great. They sound like a new Tea party on steroids if the following is true:  

According to Alexa, the premier website for web-traffic metrics, the American Third Position has the most trafficked party website in the U.S, followed closely by the GOP, whose site has been online for over a decade. In only 4 months, the A3P has grown from but a small handful of people into a national network of growingly-sophisticated political activists.

A3P members say:

“With certainty, had the establishment not cut off all routes to the democratic process for those with differing opinions – aka Americans – this superior performance would be reflected in the composition of the body of politicians who determine the course of the nation.

As the political establishment continues to attack the American way of life, the party will inevitably grow stronger. The website ranking will follow accordingly.”

A3P: 18,409 -GOP: 19,544 -DEM: 24,356 -LIB: 24,423 - GRE: 125,027 - CON: 167,893


Tom Sebourn said...

How much do we have to lower taxes to balance the budget?

USA Today said that US taxpayers paid the least income taxes in 59 years last year.

These people want to get rid of spending but want their taxes even lower than the historic lows of 2009, the year all of these kooks came out of the closet.

It's hard to balance a budget when you have no income. Where did our income go? Lower taxes on us, large corporations and the sending of our jobs overseas. Without the middle class working there is no tax base.

J2Bad said...

Logic is clearly not one of their strengths. Still, I'm glad they're giving up the Tea Party name, since they so clearly stand for the opposite of what the original tea party represented.