Wednesday, March 17, 2010

‘Made in U.S.A.’ makes Cozy Coupe a rarity

Image: Image: Little Tikes General Manager Tom Richmond and a Cozy Coupe

This article is a last gasp effort to show we still manufacturer things in America.

You’ll notice, as you read, that this Cozy Coupe does have some parts manufactured overseas. The company is careful not to slam foreign toy makers because of this dirty little secret; the Coupe has been compromised!

I find it hard to celebrate this Cozy Coupe because if this is an example of an American success story we are truly in hot water…

Ride-along car is among very few toys still made in America


“The Commerce Department estimates that 95 percent of the nearly $23 billion worth of toys sold in America in 2007 were imported, mostly from China, according to the latest industry report available. That's up from 85 percent just four years earlier.”

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