Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Early-morning temblor jolts people awake, puts first-responders on notice in Southern California


When I first saw this headline I thought, “Big deal. A 4.4 is nothing.” Then I read the story and was surprised to see it did shake a few things up, including a stretch of Interstate 5.

Magnitude-4.4 quake shakes Southern California

“Though the quake was considered small in size, it was felt over a large swath of Southern California.

People from San Bernardino County to the east and Santa Monica to the west reported feeling the quake.

"The building started shaking. That's it. I'm used to it," downtown security guard Ruben Solis, 25, said from his booth in the high-rise district. Solis said he checked his monitors and no alarms were triggered. "I got up and went on patrol."

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