Friday, March 19, 2010

Going on Vacation soon? Here’s a few things to consider

We’re coming into that part of the year when Americans start going on vacations. I’d like to let people know that it’s important to do some research before going on vacation.

Going on vacation is a riskier proposition than ever before. Violence factors into spring break plans for college kids this year.

(right) Students visiting South Padre Island avoid short drive to Mexico

Image: Celebrity Mercury

Cruise ship plagued by illness returns to port

(Left)Passengers on Celebrity Mercury sickened on three consecutive sailings


“The Vacation Travel Club representatives were "less than open and honest" with us when we attended their presentation. (Summer of 2008).”

How to Avoid Travel Club Scams and Ripoffs - How Not to Get Taken for a Ride

Report: Mini Vacations - Mini Vacations Vacation Rip Off Tampa Florida

Shell Vacation Time Share - Rip Off - Shell Vacations Complaint - Shell Vacations

Vacation Rentals Community - “Keith Briggs, owner of VRBO 10674, as at best a complete idiot and at worst a crook.”

Beware of Peabody Vacations! VACATION SCAM

If you do your research, you should have a great vacation. Happy travels!

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