Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NRA scare tactics are working – more states push for lienient gun laws

 Gun dealers ought to be thanking President Obama for his lack of action on gun control. Guns are now allowed in our National Parks. States are overturning gun laws, and making new laws favorable to gun dealers and buyers.

 The NRA has been crying “wolf” since the day Obama was elected. “Look out,” the NRA rhetoric roared, “Obama is going to take away your rights as a gun owner now! On the the same day Obama was elected the sales of guns nationwide spiked. A year later, what Second Amendment rights have been violated by Obama? Zero. Nada. None.

 But what about the NRA lobby who keeps crying wolf? It seems they are never satisfied with their victories. There’s always another reason to change a gun law somewhere to benefit their constituents who shower them with money. Meanwhile, the real benefactors of the NRA’s scare tactics are the gun dealers, gun manufacturers, and the ammunition industry. Oh yeah, and the criminals!

I think what bothers me the most is that the NRA keeps hiding behind their wide-open interpretation of the Second Amendment to shield themselves and attempt to take the high road to freedom. I believe in the right to own guns, but I’m also concerned about how easy it is for criminals in America to buy a gun. Any type of gun. That means semi or fully automatic. Don’t waste my time trying to tell me that criminals can’t buy automatic weapons because of already restrictive laws.

That’s a load of bullshit, but the NRA spreads it around like butter. There’s too many laws now according to some gun extremists. That tells me the NRA has done it’s job spreading propaganda and lies in order to push an agenda.

What is the NRA’s real agenda? Maybe we ought to look at their close relationship with the gun and ammunition lobbies, and how much support they buy from the NRA. Did I hear you say, “It’s all about the money?” You’re right. It’s capitalism at it’s worst.


When President Obama took office, gun rights advocates sounded the alarm, warning that he intended to strip them of their arms and ammunition. And yet the opposite is happening.”

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