Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad credit sidelines some jobless workers

Image: Debra Banks

Talk about a Catch 22…

 As if things aren’t bad enough, another barrier to employment raises it’s ugly head. Credit checks. If employers are going to check people’s credit, what comes next? 

 There are some jobs that probably should check out prospective employees credit, like banking, trading stock, etc. But when a person applies for a job, like answering phones, should the fact that their credit history is bad because of unpaid medical bills (due to not being able to afford insurance) prevent them from getting a job?

How the hell is the country going to recover with this kind of thinking? When you read Debra Banks story (below link) ask yourself what you would do? How many people across the country are in the same situation as MS Banks?

 A temporary financial setback can become a long-term employment barrier.

 (Photo) Debra Banks, 54, of Los Angeles, believes an unpaid medical bill cost her a full-time job. View related photos Photo by Ann Johansson / for msnbc.com

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