Thursday, January 21, 2010

An interlude…

When I miss a day, or two, of posting something on this blog I feel guilty. I get flashbacks to my days as a newspaper editor when there was no such thing as missing a publication date. Those days meant deadlines that had to be kept. And that was just with a weekly newspaper!

I’ve always admired a daily newspaper for the very fact that it has to come out everyday. Think about that. An  entire newspaper with four or five sections everyday. That’s a lot to read.

To NOT POST something on my daily blog seems like an abysmal act which will bring about dire consequences. No one will ever come back now. I’m sure. Those few odd ducks that have been visiting this blog daily are probably the only ones who noticed my breech in daily blog etiquette. To you I say, “We’re all human.” I can’t even make up a good excuse why I didn’t make a blog entry. Or two.

I prefer to say I tool a pause. That my mind was engaged in other pleasurable pursuits. Mindless things to be sure. Serious has to be set aside sometimes. Like a cracked bat, or worn-out old leather wallet. For my imagination to soar I have to shed serious like a sock with holes in it. Humor is my dopamine. My vial of crack. My Jack Daniels. It has a numbing effect on the harsh realities around me if I remember to tuck it into my back pocket and not sit on it.

This is the 21st Century and I’m a relic that remembers the days before there were cell phones for every man,women, and child across this nation. In my century, Buck Rogers was the only guy with gadgets like cell phones. It took a little longer for news to travel back then. The thought that we would one day be driving a car, while yakking or texting on a tiny phone simultaneously never even entered anyone’s mind in 1950 (the year I was born). Well, maybe it did in Buck Roger’s mind.

TO POST or NOT TO POST is the question. Should I set standards so high that I get a nosebleed? I don’t think I should. It seems to me I started this to have fun. Okay, and to help promote my column As It Stands. (Which sometimes makes me feel guilty). Am I messing with a good thing here? I guess if I stay away from putting advertising on this blog it’ll help keep things loose. This is a no censor zone. A no judgment zone. A zone where political rhetoric is ruthlessly rejected and made fun of. If you have a favorite political party that you pander too, this is not a good place to put up signs saying vote for ****** *** (fill in blanks).

I don’t roll with the pols. Apparently they’re a necessary evil in our silly system of supposed checks and balances – but that’s what we’re stuck with. Back to humor. It’s so easy to have fun prodding pols with zingers. They often provide them for you. But enough of this nonsense.

I have no idea why you’re still reading this…but thanks…and good night world.

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