Thursday, November 19, 2009

Navy will use dolphins, sea lions for security


While slurping my first (or was it my second?) cup of Joe this morning I ran across this interesting tidbit about Sea Lions and Dolphins being used for security.

I have a few questions to ask the Navy about this arrangement.

1.Did you properly vet the Sea Lions and Dolphins to make sure they’re not terrorist sympathizers?

2.How much are you paying them? They better be getting combat pay!

3.Do they understand the rules of engagement? For example, are they going to attack ANY SWIMMER in their immediate area? Or are they just going to attack swimmers that wear turbans and have long beards?

4.Will they be volunteers or draftees?

5.How long will their tour of duty be? Will they be subject to repeated tours like the men and women in the military? And what about R&R?

I’m just saying…

The Navy says it has decided to use teams of security officers and specially trained bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions to help protect Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

The Navy said Wednesday the system is designed to counter threats from swimmers or divers, and will be implemented in 2010.

An environmental-impact statement evaluated the potential effects temperature, noise, water quality, toxins and the presence of other marine mammals might have on the dolphins and sea lions. It concluded that the creatures are not expected to be harmed by being transferred to and living at Bangor on Washington's Hood Canal.”

AP News

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