Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Afghan minister accused of receiving huge bribe

We are wasting our time in Afghanistan trying to put a legitimate government in place. The Afghan politicians/warlords are corrupt and taking advantage of the war to make money.

The Afghan people don’t want us there. We’ve blatantly put a puppet in charge of the government, and still claim we’re trying to help the Afghan people.

‘Only God can stop this corruption’ competitor says of government practices

The Afghan minister of mines accepted a roughly $30 million bribe to award the country's largest development project to a Chinese mining firm, according to a U.S. official who is familiar with military intelligence reports.”

PHOTO: Afghan Mining Minister Mohammad Ibrahim Adel, seen here on Feb. 9, 2008, is accused of taking a $30 million payoff. Massoud Hossaini / AFP - Getty Images File

Go to the Washington Post to read the rest.

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