Monday, May 11, 2009

From China with Curiosity: Blog Visitors, and Ruminations

This blog was visited by a viewer from Beijing, China this morning, who looked at the post "It Took Nine Years & 24 Generations To Get These Little Pigs!" I imagine anything to do with generations is interesting to someone in China with their rich long history. This is a picture of tourists at The Temple of Heaven.

I picked 10 international visitors from the last 24 hours to feature:

Someone from Warsaw, Poland viewed the post "Underground Living: What Do You think?" I think the Polish people had to learn how to live underground (off and on) since the Nazi invaded them in 1939. So I can see a post like this being of some interest.

Every now and then, someone from the Islamic Republic of Iran stops by and reads this blog (along with Homeland Security no doubt!) Today the Iranian viewer checked out the post "The Latest Pot Scare Refuted." I wonder what the laws are in Iran regarding smoking the Ganja? I wouldn't be surprised if it was illegal and body parts get lopped off if caught with the green bud!

Someone from Barcelona, Spain checked in on the post "Recycling Woes." A post titled "Car Chop Shop Furniture Can Liven Up Your Life" caught the attention of a viewer from Campania, Italy. Hey...maybe it'll start a new fashion trend over there! I can imagine the viewer from Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, got a good laugh when they read the post "Officials Plan On Taping Magnets To Crocodile Heads to Disrupt their Homing Ability!" I know I had a good laugh posting it.

Perhaps it was an avid art collector from Belgorod, Russian Federation, who viewed the post "Classic Paintings Meet Classic Horror in these Works!" A really popular post these last few weeks has been the one titled "Willie the Parrot is Honored for Saving a Little Girls Life!" A visitor from Ontario, Canada checked it out, along with 75 other viewers in the last 24 hours.

I can't help wondering what the viewer from Al Iskandariyah, Egypt, thought when he/she viewed the post "75-Year-Old Woman to be W hipped for Letting in 2 Deliverymen Unrelated to Her!" I'll bet the person from Jakarta, Indonesia who viewed the post "Don't Get Froggy With These Guys if You Value Your Life!" was really paying attention. Some of the poisonous frogs mentioned were from his/her part of the world.

Someone from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia looked at the post "Messengers From Heaven: Do You Believe in Angels?" along with 35 other viewers this morning. This has been a popular post in the past and keeps re-emerging. Over five thousand viewers have checked it out since it was posted earlier this year.

And for the last of the dirty dozen for the day we have someone with a sense of humor from Santiago, Chile, who viewed the photo of a polar bear slipping and falling on the ice - with nearby sign warning "Caution-Slippery Ice." The caption read, "Peter Never Did Learn How to Read!" 


I can't believe "my team, The Los Angeles Lakers, got beat by the Houston Rockets last night! The Rockets played without their star center Yao Ming so the Lakers must have thought they were going to lay down for them. Not! They kicked the Laker's ass! I hope it wakes them up. The series is now tied at 2-2 and goes back to LA Tuesday night.

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