Thursday, October 30, 2008

OBAMA and McCain Concentrate on Swing States

As the Republicans become more desperate every day, John McCain continues to rally the faithful and to tell them to ignore the polls that show Barrack Obama ahead.

Obama meanwhile, continues to address massive gatherings of people and to get his message of change across. At a rally today he reminded listeners that they are five days away from making history when they vote for him.

Both candidates are running (okay McCain's walking) from one swing state to another trying to win over any undecided voters who may still be lurking around the American landscape. Despite the pundits pointing at the Democrats, who are leading in nearly every major poll, the argument that McCain could still win via the Electoral College is still out there today.

This is one of my concerns. We need to get rid of the Electoral College.

Make sure to see this Sunday's Times-Standard when As It Stands takes on the legitimacy of a relic from the past - the Electoral College! 

To read more about the possible combinations of swing states benefiting the candidates CLICK HERE.

1 comment:

Tom Holloway said...

Yes, but what about the Teeter-totter states and the slide states?
Not to mention the monkey bar states!

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