Friday, October 31, 2008

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for Obama: kisses everyone in sight!

It's nearly E-Day and the Democratic Party is bringing out all of their heavyweights to persuade voters to put Obama down as their presidential choice. Clinton surprised a number of onlookers when, after speaking out for Obama in Florida, he paused to French kiss a black lab who had snuck into the "kissing line."

An enterprising Clinton fan took this photo as the minutes passed. The touching moment was marketed as a Political Post Card (TWO DOGS KISSING) by the fan, who now says he wants to catch McCain, and a Pitbull that looks like Sarah Palin, in a similar spontaneous moment.

This blog says go for it! Soon this election is going to be over, and then what the heck are we going to do? This whole campaign has been called historic, and it is, if for no other reason than it's one of the funniest on record!

Of course, it's also ranks high in rancor. The name calling has excelled heights that even the Dark Lord ,Karl Rove has been surprised to see! Pundits have played with every nasty accusation, wallowing like pigs in the mire. 

It's not over yet, however, and as we go into the final days brace yourself for more political incoming!


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