Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Philanthropist creates mobile shelters for homeless people


Peter Samuelson (above) invented the EDAR - Everyone Deserves A Roof - to meet the needs of homeless people. Samuelson, who is also a film producer - "Revenge of the Nerds" - saw the need for a snug shelter for people who are homeless. The EDAR is a cross between a shopping cart and a pop-up camper.

According to a 2007 homeless census there are 73,000 homeless people in Los Angeles alone. A year ago, Samuelson created the EDAR Foundation whose slogan is, "Thinking Outside The Box." The EDAR was developed and currently costs about $500 a unit, which Samuelson thinks will go down to $400 a unit when mass produced.

Three months ago he gave out 60 of the units for testing purposes. By working with charities, like the Mission in downtown LA, he was able to identify people with the most need of the EDAR. His hope is that more organizations will buy the units to give out to those in desperate need.

Samuelson, who started the Starlight Foundation three years ago, is a man who believes in helping others with his wealth. The Starlight Foundation is an international charity that provides psychological and social services to seriously ill children and their families. For more information about the EDAR Google

All I can say about this wonderful man is "The planet needs more people like him!"


Rachel Colette K.C. said...

I just saw this story on CNN and was so impressed by what this man is doing. I come from Ann Arbor where it is devastating to see people on the streets who DO get rejected from homeless shelters and can only get a bed in the hospital if they proclaim they are suicidal. Anyhow, in looking for more information on this story, I tripped across your blog and wanted to give you credit for such a nice page.

ImBlogCrazy said...

Thanks Rachel!
It's always nice to hear someone is enjoying my blog(s).

I have fun with it. It's even more fun when people post comments.