Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Good News: Dubya's Days are Numbered - 41 & counting!

Like millions of other Americans, I'm thrilled to see Dubya's departure from Washington isn't long now.

True to form, he's busy trying to sneak in last-minute laws to benefit his cronies. But, don't worry. He'll be checkmated by Congress though. I checked.

The world is not going to miss this clown. His legacy will be that he's the worst president this country ever had! In eight short years, he and Cheney have pillaged federal funds and deregulated financial markets, leading to our modern Depression.

I wish people would quit calling it a "recession" and other bullshit buzz names. That's Republican talk. Reality says it's a Depression. Yes...we have a lot to thank Dubya for. 

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Anonymous said...

Please don't forget to include his complete lack of support to veterans and their families. Remember Walter Reed, the continued veto threats to the VA's Budget, his placement of horrible leaders of the VA, he is a national discrace.