Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Satanic Community is Upset With Me!

I got an early morning email today from a witch who was very upset about my article in The Eureka Reporter today. (See link - The Eureka Reporter under Opinion)
My column has already pulled over 1200 readers Online after just being published 8 hours ago.
It is the most read thing in the entire issue today. Not bad.

I'm waiting to get my Google ads here soon. They said it takes a day or two. This site is still under some construction, but is coming along. Note slide show (on bottom) and Links.
I want to encourage everyone who has my site here to visit it each day - as I will have something to say.... and share!
Plus I'll make more money on the amount of hits I get when the ads are in place when you visit me! No use being shy eh?

OBSERVATION OF THE DAY: "He who binds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy;
But, he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity's sun rise."
William Blake
(English Poet)

Right now I'm living my dreams by pursuing my passion for writing, which in the last two years, has risen from my personal ashes of PTSD and come back to me like an old friend.
I've always written things on my own ever since I first learned how to put a sentence together with another. My delight with words grows again from that garden of my imagination, and lightness shines forth were not so long ago darkness dwelled.

.Barack Obama's appearance at the "Victory Garden" in Berlin's Tiergarten park is expected to draw hugh crows and is being likened to Jogn F. Kennedy's celebrated "Ich bin ein Berliner" performance of 1963.
Germany's leaders however, are hesitant to show Obama any love yet because their not so sure he's going to be the next president of the United States. It's interesting to see this world reaction to Obama. I think many see him as a way for good change in this country. I have to agree that he represents change and that McCain is more of the same - which has been devastating on our economy and how the world has been viewing us.

w many laptops, on average, do US travelers lose each week?
Try 10,278 - the next question is who ends up with these laptops?)

It's time to go now. There are things to see and do and the day doesn't hold enough hours to do them all!
Peace be with you all!

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