Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Good Place To Be

Good morning blog buddies!
It's another beautiful day and I'm ready to play the merry game of life. I hope you are too, because there's an awful lot to do!
My most recent As It Stands column - A President with PTSD? has been submitted for publishing. I'm not sure which column the editor is going to lead off this Sunday as my premier one with the Times-Standard. I suspect this one, however, will be controversial. I wonder out loud if McCain has PTSD.
I've already been on the phone with my veteran activist and dahlia-lover friend Carl Young. We generally work out all the problems in the world in our morning conversations so that we're both free to enjoy the rest of the day!
I'm looking into writing a column about the latest news on cell phones - They may cause Cancer!
The head of a prominent cancer institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and Staff: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer. This warning comes from Dr. Ronald B. Herbeman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center.
Herbeman based his alarm on early unpublished data and suggested that brain tumors could be the result of long-term use of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
I'll be researching this topic with an eye towards a column.

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