Sunday, July 27, 2008

As It Stands debuts in Times-Standard

Well readers the switch has come and As It Stands takes a new journey now within the pages of the 150 year-old Times-Standard. What an honor.
My photo may scare some people away as I'm not exactly Mr. Hollywood, but once they start reading I think they'll enjoy the content. Or not. maybe they'll disagree with it, which is fine of course. Debate is healthy and I don't expect readers to always agree with me.
I just state the case and let my readers chew it over and see if it's palatable or not. That's the nature of any opinion column.
I did notice that the Times-Standard Online edition isn't updated this morning and I do wonder if - and when - it will be. Traditionally when As It Stands hits the web world it travels with the speed of light.
Shirley and I had a nice day and evening with our granddaughter Carissa. Mom and Dad will be picking her up in a couple of hours. She's so smart at 16 months-old! Her facial expressions can melt your heart. Her curiousness with the world around her is catching and you find yourself looking at the world through her innocent eyes.

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