Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time for coffee and sharing this Saturday…

Good morning. Pull up a chair and have some coffee or tea with me while I share some news and views.

How about the Mysterious boom in parakeets — in England?  Native to the Indian subcontinent and sub-Saharan Africa, the rose-ringed parakeet is enjoying a population explosion in many London suburbs, turning a once-exotic bird into a notorious pest that awakens children, monopolizes garden bird feeders and might even threaten British crops.

Look out liars! This article, Pants on fire: Scientifically proven ways to catch a liar lays out all the ways you can use to catch liars. Politicians in particular should be sweating their asses off if the general population learns how to tell when they’re lying!

Big Brother is alive and well in Texas. This story cracks me up: Cameras in Texas schools to keep eyes on fries The next time children in some elementary schools in Texas try to sneak extra French fries onto their tray in the cafeteria line, the eye in the sky will be watching them!

Here’s a story that’ll get you. Talk about long odds. Talk about Dad having to do some explaining! Excuse me, but aren’t we brothers? Luck, fate, kismet -- whatever you want to call it, two guys named Joe and Rick got hit by all three on a beach in Hawaii.

It started innocently enough: Joe Parker was walking on the beach one day. He saw a family taking pictures and offered to take a group photo of Rick Hill and his family. Rick and Joe get to talking, one thing leads to another -- and voila: Turns out they're related! And not as 13th cousins twice-removed -- the pair discovered they were from the same part of Massachusetts, which led them to find out that they had something else in common: Dad.

This story make me wonder if the White House has a wine cellar? Cost-cutting government to sell its best wines Cost-cutting government plans to sell off some of its stock of fine wines to pay for cheaper bottles that will be offered to visiting dignitaries to England.

The way I look at this cost-saving move is visitors are now going to know they’re not getting the best wines when they visit leaders in England. This might be a big break for some cheaper wines , like Ripple and Boones Farm!

Busy day ahead. I’m meeting with a man at Niveen’s in Mack Town at 10 a.m. He is a regular reader of my column and says he has a method (not surgery) of strengthening my eyes so I don’t have to wear glasses for long distance! Should be an interesting conversation. I might even write about this meeting.

Meanwhile, It’s time for me to head on down the road…

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Rose said...

"Politicians in particular should be sweating their asses off if the general population learns how to tell when they’re lying!"

I thought that was easy - their lips are moving?