Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Guest Opinion: Government pensions, an obesity epidemic

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen makes his argument that state and federal governments are so indebted to their workers in pension and other obligations that they have little money for anything else. A Union member himself, Cohen offers sympathy but not his total support for the Wisconsin state employees demonstrating against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to do away with collective bargaining.

 Read why here.

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Tom Sebourn said...

Dave, I think that most of us would agree that public workers should not retire with 90 percent of their salary for the rest of their life. Problem is, contracts were made. Legal binding contracts like the ones others made in financing their homes. These contracts can't be legally broken. That is the problem with Scott Walker, he isn't negotiating, he wants the unions broken and their contracts void. If he can do that to the people, they should be able to just stop paying their mortgages.

I think California will try to work something out. Both sides will take a big hit. It will be in agreement and legal. We didn't give our state to the Tea Party.

Dave Stancliff said...

I agree that retirement benefits have been overboard for decades.

I agree that legal binding contracts should be honored.

I agree that Scott Walker is part of an overall Republican plan to bust the unions in this country.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jocko said...

I do not agree that retirement benefits have been overboard for decades. Not all pensioners(public, federal) receive such lavish pensions as cited in the article. These examples are extreme.

One should compare the CEO's benefit package to that of the average retiree, be it private, public or federal pension. What us little guys get is no comparison.

Maybe one should visit what a 100% disabled vet receives compared to overboard retirement benefits for the average retiree WHO receives a pension.

Dave Stancliff said...

My...my...Jocko is Snarky this morning.

Get up on the wrong side of the cage?

Jocko said...

Just wanted to see if you would be objective......

Dave Stancliff said...


Well said Jocko...

here's a bananna for being such a bright boy this early in the morning (early is an objective term you know)!